Quick Reference

Having trouble operating equipment or navigating this site? The tools needed to resolve issues can be found right here.

Retailer Orientation Presentation

As new retailers there is a great deal of information shared with you during your visit to the Lottery's Regional Office.  For your convenience, we have made that information available to you anytime you would like to review to it.

My Profile

This area of the site allows you to list important information regarding your access to the New York Lottery Retailer Dashboard, including your password and security questions and contact information for your Lottery representative.

Contact Us

Questions or requests regarding this web site can be emailed to New York Lottery by clicking the “Contact Us” link located in the site header.


For other issues, please refer to the regional map and contact information for each Lottery Regional Office. You will also find VLT Customer Claim Center information here.

Download All Reports

Obtain total report information in a downloadable format by choosing file format and selecting the reports you would like to receive. The data file that you save to you computer will be raw data which you can manipulate in a program such as Excel or import into other systems/reports.

Reports may be downloaded in XML or CSV format.

Add To Home

This tool allows you to add a particular section of the site to your home page. You may re-position sections within your Home Page by clicking and dragging.


This tool will not allow you to move the comprehensive Settlement Due report to the Home page in it's displayed format. It will appear on the Home page in a condensed format. Presently, the condensed Settlement Due report is automatically displayed on the Home page when logging on. (To restore this condensed report after closing it, go to the comprehensive Settlement Due report and move it to the Home page.)

Export Report

This tool allows you to transfer raw data and view it through another application.


XML and CSV formats are available.

Print Report

Prints only the report currently being viewed.

E-Mail Report

Email unformatted raw data electronically in either XML or CSV formats.